New Year New Mindset

New Year ! New Decade! New You and New Mindset is at a great start. Let’s forget the old and press forward to the exciting new. Like a friend said FAITH IT until You Make it! Don’t Fake It ,that’s the old way. Have a great week every week! Shalom Peace and Love ! LindaContinue reading “New Year New Mindset”

Speak Positively Today and Everyday

Remember things can’t change until we change. It is a decision. Speak positively regarding the children acting up, spouse doesn’t bring the roses or pay enough attention to you, people on job acting up etc. Believe for a change and speak it even before you receive it. Linda P. Thompson

Positive Words Have Power

How do you feel when someone tells you that you look beautiful or you are such a pleasure to be around. It should make us feel good however sometimes compliments are hard to receive when people don’t feel worthy . Sometimes voices from the childhood comes in to play reminding the person of the harshContinue reading “Positive Words Have Power”