Now Is The Time For Self Care

Now is the time to reinvent, restore and refresh during these times of unexpected changes. We must step back and think of ways to recover and continue on our journey. Quitting is never an option for those with a clear vision. One thing for certain is that we must be ready to adapt and make the necessary changes to improve and reinvent. I had to step back and acknowledge the overwhelm and the stresses of being on autopilot, which included being there for family, working, being a caregiver, and having to deal with so many family losses due to sickness and death, etc. In the process of all these things ,we must acknowledge the stress and the overwhelm and decide how to deal with all the challenges. When we acknowledge and then make a decision and come up with a plan then we can move forward. During that period in my life, I had to learn to take better care of myself and to bring a balance and stay focus. The key is having a balance in work and personal life. My mission is to assist others in their journey to a well balanced life at work ,with relationships and life as a whole.

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Published by Linda Thompson

Desire to see individuals strive to be the best person ever by reinventing themselves and having a balance in life and work I am a Speaker Author. 27 plus years of Public Health Case management

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