Self Inventory and Decluttering Is Vital

Hi there Everyone. There are just a couple days left before the new year comes. I invite you along with me to do a self inventory and declutter of the negative thoughts, people, environments, and mindsets that just don’t work anymore. Let’s leave the past mistakes, failures behind and move forward towards the future. OneContinue reading “Self Inventory and Decluttering Is Vital”

Morning Gratitude

Good morning everyone! Let’s start our day with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving. Let’s keep hope within knowing that everything is going to be alright. We have to walk by faith and not sight. This is only a test. Testing 1.2.3 Pressure moments are defining moments of what we are really made of. ShalomContinue reading “Morning Gratitude”

Holiday Safety First

We are approaching the time to gather with families and friends for the holidays. Please be safe and plan out how you will be celebrating. Do what is comfortable for everyone. Don’t be offended when someone wears their mask around you . They are being wise and playing it safe. Wearing a mask doesn’t meanContinue reading “Holiday Safety First”

Words are Powerful- Create

Thought for the day- Words are powerful. Words create positive and negative emotions. Think about the things we say in a day, what are you saying? What have we created with our words in 2020? Did we meet our goals by believing in ourselves , making positive affirmations and just doing it even through lossContinue reading “Words are Powerful- Create”