Self Inventory and Decluttering Is Vital

Hi there Everyone. There are just a couple days left before the new year comes. I invite you along with me to do a self inventory and declutter of the negative thoughts, people, environments, and mindsets that just don’t work anymore. Let’s leave the past mistakes, failures behind and move forward towards the future. One thing that 2020 taught me was to expect the unexpected and adapt to change with resilience. I can say there were many challenges and disappointments such as the loss of relatives who lived out of town and state and I couldn’t attend the funerals, nephew was born out of states couldn’t go to hospital or visit, couldn’t do the routines at the gym but in the end out I still came out with peace, victory and gratitude . I had to use other means to communicate. So stay encouraged. You don’t have to feel alone. Reach out. I want you to know I pray blessings for you in 2021. Reach out to me anytime. Share the post to bless someone . Linda P Thompson Shalom Peace Love! #stayencouraged #peaceofmind #newbeginnings #positivethoughts

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Desire to see individuals strive to be the best person ever by reinventing themselves and having a balance in life and work I am a Speaker Author. 27 plus years of Public Health Case management

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