Just Do You With Purpose

Thought for today- There is no place for negative competing and comparing ourselves to others. Negative competing and comparison is trying to bring someone else down by your words or actions. Learn from those doing what you might want to do. Gain form their wisdom, knowledge and failures. It is best to have a teachable spirit or mindset because there is always someone who might know a little bit more than you. Always be in the position to learn. Sharing is caring! Enjoy your day! You are appreciated! Shalom Peace and Love! #mindfulness#life#motivation#success Linda P Thompson http://www.lindathompsonspeaker.com

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Goals Goals Goals

The new year is here and goal setting is one of the first things that we do. I set goals last year and did accomplish the majority of what I set out to do. The things that I didn’t do will carry over to this year. Be specific and stick to a couple goals and do those well. This is another year therefore you don’t have to beat yourself up. Good things are in store for each of us this year. Speak it ,See it and Believe it! Last year was a year of preparation . This year declare ready set go ! Shalom Peace Love ! Linda P Thompson http://www.lindathompsonspeaker.com

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Ready Set Go!

Self Inventory and Decluttering Is Vital

Hi there Everyone. There are just a couple days left before the new year comes. I invite you along with me to do a self inventory and declutter of the negative thoughts, people, environments, and mindsets that just don’t work anymore. Let’s leave the past mistakes, failures behind and move forward towards the future. One thing that 2020 taught me was to expect the unexpected and adapt to change with resilience. I can say there were many challenges and disappointments such as the loss of relatives who lived out of town and state and I couldn’t attend the funerals, nephew was born out of states couldn’t go to hospital or visit, couldn’t do the routines at the gym but in the end out I still came out with peace, victory and gratitude . I had to use other means to communicate. So stay encouraged. You don’t have to feel alone. Reach out. I want you to know I pray blessings for you in 2021. Reach out to me anytime. Share the post to bless someone . Linda P Thompson Shalom Peace Love! #stayencouraged #peaceofmind #newbeginnings #positivethoughts

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Morning Gratitude

Good morning everyone! Let’s start our day with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving. Let’s keep hope within knowing that everything is going to be alright. We have to walk by faith and not sight. This is only a test. Testing 1.2.3 Pressure moments are defining moments of what we are really made of. Shalom Peace Love! #gratitude #happiness #peace Linda P Thompson http://www.lindathompsonspeaker.com

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Happy Holidays

Today I woke with a heart of gratitude and thoughts of my love ones who are no longer here. I miss them and I am sure that you may have experienced some losses as well. I want to say to you to be encouraged everything will be okay. Today I hope you will cherish precious memories. Today I will stroll down memory lane and look at pictures and videos. Have a great day on purpose. Enjoy life we only get one go round! Shalom Peace and love. Linda P Thompson http://www.lindathompsonspeaker.com

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Holiday Safety First

We are approaching the time to gather with families and friends for the holidays. Please be safe and plan out how you will be celebrating. Do what is comfortable for everyone. Don’t be offended when someone wears their mask around you . They are being wise and playing it safe. Wearing a mask doesn’t mean someone is fearful. It shows that people are not just concerned about themselves but others. This virus is serious. I know that I am not telling you anything that you don’t already know. As i remind you , I am reminding myself. Let’s Show love now. We only have one life to live, therefore we should live it with wisdom, joy , peace , compassion, and a forgiving heart knowing that the almighty God has everything in control. Psalm 91 v 11 for he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Have a great week on purpose! Shalom Peace Love! Linda P Thompson http://www.lindathompsonspeaker.com

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Words are Powerful- Create

Thought for the day- Words are powerful. Words create positive and negative emotions. Think about the things we say in a day, what are you saying? What have we created with our words in 2020? Did we meet our goals by believing in ourselves , making positive affirmations and just doing it even through loss and adversity. If some of us didn’t, 2021 is around the corner and whatever we choose to speak and believe is what we will have. I pray blessings for each of you and may the do over in 2021 be a success and you receive the desires of your heart. 2020 taught me to adapt and to stay focused and press on. What did it teach you? Stay encouraged. Shalom Peace Love! #success #happiness #peace #inspiration http://www.lindathompsonspeaker.com

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Now Is The Time For Self Care

Now is the time to reinvent, restore and refresh during these times of unexpected changes. We must step back and think of ways to recover and continue on our journey. Quitting is never an option for those with a clear vision. One thing for certain is that we must be ready to adapt and make the necessary changes to improve and reinvent. I had to step back and acknowledge the overwhelm and the stresses of being on autopilot, which included being there for family, working, being a caregiver, and having to deal with so many family losses due to sickness and death, etc. In the process of all these things ,we must acknowledge the stress and the overwhelm and decide how to deal with all the challenges. When we acknowledge and then make a decision and come up with a plan then we can move forward. During that period in my life, I had to learn to take better care of myself and to bring a balance and stay focus. The key is having a balance in work and personal life. My mission is to assist others in their journey to a well balanced life at work ,with relationships and life as a whole.

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Things to Be Thankful for

This is the day the Lord has made , We will rejoice and be glad in it . Inspite of what’s going on in the world and our lives, we will get the victory. We are overcomers. Delay is not denial. The fact that you logged on your computer and can read this message is something to be thankful for. If you can talk, walk, dress yourself these are things to be grateful for. If your have accomplished one thing this week. Be thankful. In all things let’s give thanks. Shalom Peace Love! Linda P Thompson http://www.lindathompsonspeaker.com

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