What Is Thanksgiving Day About?

Thanksgiving is a day set aside to give thanks for life and the blessings. I am thankful for life because i have experienced a couple of near death experiences. I am thankful for family,true friends, health and my successes. I am thankful for setbacks and start back too. I am most thankful for being authentic and unique, spreading the message of positivity and love.. What are you thinkful for ? Shalom Peace Love ! Linda P Thompson

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Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks!

Three Tips For Dealing With The Pandemic

These are very difficult times however we will get through it. First thing, don’t isolate yourself from family and friends. We are social distancing not isolating. We should reach out through text, phone calls and even write letters and send cards. Secondly, stay positive and away from alot of the news and negative people. Reading positive materials and watching positive messages is vital. Thirdly remain hopeful and speak positive affirmations. These are three tips to apply daily . This too shall pass . We have been through many disasters and we will get through this one too. Linda P Thompson

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This is a good time to relax and daydeam or meditate.

Staying Hopeful

Inspite of what you are going through remain hopeful knowing that everything will be alright. Today have a heart of gratitude. If you are able to read this message you are blessed to have sight and a mind to comprehend. Give thanks with a grateful heart. Enjoy your day. Reach out and check on someone near and dear to you. Linda P Thompson

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How Not To Give Up

These are times when it seems easy to give up however there is no victory in quitting. The main thing is to believe that things will get better and to speak positively regardless of what we see. Stay encouraged! Most successful people didn’t give up after numerous times of trying. Keep the vision,goals and plans for your life before you daily and make daily affirmations and declarations. Think of one good think you have accomplished and build on that. Someone said winners never quit and quitters never win ! Shalom Peace Love ! Linda P Thompson

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A New Day

New day. New start. Stay safe and wise. We pray for divine protection. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you everywhere you go. Let’s practice letting go of negativity and things that are holding us back from being our best. Let’s release bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness. Learning to forgive is the greatest lesson to moving forward. Have a great and productive week! Shalom Peace Love ! Linda P Thompson

Work the Plan

During these times, we should acknowledge our feelings and challenges and then make a decision to come up with a plan and move forward. I have learned that things work so much smoother with a plan. Stay focused and don’t quit. The key is having a balance in work and personal life. My mission is to assist others in their journey to have a well balanced life at work ,with relationships and life as a whole. What is your mission in life? Shalom Peace Love! Linda P Thompson

Stay Hopeful and Productive

New day. New start. Stay safe and wise. We pray for divine protection. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you everywhere you go. Have a great day. Hold on to all of your dreams and plans for your future. You may be going through a rough time however things will get better. This may be the new reality not the new normal. Let’s not get too busy that we lose focus. Shalom Peace Love !

Just Breathe

There are alot of people who are not adjusting to the social distancing and stay at home. I would like to encourage everyone to avoid going into isolation and to still reach out to individuals outside your four walls by social media, calling on the phone or sending cards and letters. Taking a walk in your neighborhood with a family member or friend can be really refreshing. Find different ways to deal with boredom, feeling isolated and lonely. Remember things will get better and hopefully soomer than later. Refresh and Renew! Shalom Peace Love! Linda P Thompson

Know Where You Are Going

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up some place else! Yogi Berra. Where will you be after Covid 19 ? Faithful or Fearful ? Doubtful or destined to win, restored and revived! It is a matter of choice. Let this be a time to explore and do something different. Things will get better. Speaking Positively and Expecting the victory is a matter of choice. Decide today. Shalom Peace Love ! Linda P Thompson

Adapt and Make Necessary Changes

Now is the time to reinvent, restore and refresh during these times of unexpected changes. We must step back and think of ways to recover and continue on our journey. Quitting is never and option for those with a clear vision. One thing for certain is that we must be ready to adapt and make the necessary changes to improve and reinvent. Linda P Thompson

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