Speak Positively Today and Everyday

Remember things can’t change until we change. It is a decision. Speak positively regarding the children acting up, spouse doesn’t bring the roses or pay enough attention to you, people on job acting up etc. Believe for a change and speak it even before you receive it. Linda P. Thompson


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Positive Words Have Power

How do you feel when someone tells you that you look beautiful or you are such a pleasure to be around. It should make us feel good however sometimes compliments are hard to receive when people don’t feel worthy . Sometimes voices from the childhood comes in to play reminding the person of the harsh words that were spoken to put them down therefore as an adult the individual finds it hard to believe the compliments are honest, after being told that you are ugly ,dumb or just don’t add up to everyone. Since words are powerful, let’s use words wisely to build up people instead of tearing them down. Shalom Peace Love!

Words Hurt

Have you ever thought about how powerful words are when we speak? Words bring about good or bad feelings. Sometimes we say we would never kill anyone with a gun or knife but do we ever think that harsh words can wound others and have a serious impact as well. Let’s think beore saying hurtful and unkind things to one another. Shalom Peace Love! Linda P Thompson

Decide To Be Joyful

Let’s decide to make the best of each day to be joyful . Happiness is situational but joy is an emotion that helps up to remain calm and stable even if there is turmoil. Let’s decide to be joyful even in bad times. There are many things that can change us from being happy in a matter of seconds. Think on good things. Shalom Peace Love! Linda P Thompson

Published Author and Speaker

Linda P. Thompson empowers individuals to be the best person ever by displaying a balance with work and in their everyday personal lives. She assist them with goals designed for reinventing their lives and making positive changes. She has guided many individuals in making positive lifestyle changes. She inspires to be whole in every area of life. She is a Certified Health and Life Coach, and Author Speaker.

She is the author of two books. The books are Jealousy or Envy: Is There a Killer in You? Stop the War within and be set free, and Speak Positively and Expect The Victory-Words of Wisdom. Jealousy or Envy : Is there a killer in you? This book is in regards to being talked about negatively, competing in a negative way and being betrayed. As the title mentions a killer, the killer that she has mentioned is killing a person dreams and reputation with harsh words. Words can bring life or kill by what is said. She stressed the need to learn to celebrate other people successes. It also address being betrayed by a friend, partner or coworker and how to handle it from a spiritual stand point. For those who love biblical scriptures for strength and encouragement, this will be a very good uplifting book.

Speak Positively and Expect The Victory -Words of Wisdom is to be used as a Guidebook. It is written to skip around to the chapter of interest. It doesn’t have to be read in order due to it’s not a story teller. This book is a book of nuggets regarding marriage, parenting, health, singleness, etc. Both books are being used in book clubs, workshops, conferences, etc. Both are on major online book stores.

She recently retired after twenty seven plus years of experience in Public Health as a Maternity Social Worker coaching and mentoring individuals and families to adapt a better life and goal setting. She taught life skills classes, parenting classes and was involved in many community organization events such as Special Olympics, Foster Grandparents, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

At her retirement luncheon, she was was presented with the Old North State Award from Governor Roy Cooper for her community service for 27 plus years. She was nominated by her coworkers in 2018.