Two Things To Do This Month

Word for the month- balance and take care of yourself. Stay not just physically fit but emotionally and spiritually fit as well. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. Too many people are suffering in silence. I send encouragement and peace to those who need it to make it through lifeContinue reading “Two Things To Do This Month”

Share Wisdom and Knowledge

Thought for today- It is best to have a teachable spirit or mindset because there is always someone who might know a little bit more than you. Always be in the position to learn. Sharing is caring! Enjoy your day! You are appreciated! Shalom Peace and Love! #mindfulness #life #motivation #success Linda P Thompson https://www/

1 Thing To Do While Working From Home

For so many who are working from home ,doing virtual schooling and feeling overwhelm, moving forward, if you haven’t already, set aside a family meeting to discuss expectations and boundaries while working and teaching for the children. Now is the time to schedule a home meeting to discuss the importance of everyone doing there partContinue reading “1 Thing To Do While Working From Home”

How A Hug Effects Us.

Today is National Hug Day which was first celebrated January 21, 1986 by Kevin Zaborney. Research show that hugs helps build trust, alleviate fears and comfort. It also increase oxytocin levels, which heal and comfort feelings of loneliness, isolation and anger. Why not give yourself a hug or someone in your home a hug, ItContinue reading “How A Hug Effects Us.”

4 Tips to Deal With Disappointments

Have you ever been excited about something and then something happens and bring disappointments. It happens to us all. Here’s three tips to practice when disappointment comes unannounced. Acknowledge the moment of being disappointed and whatever emotion that show up, it is ok. Feel it. Decide to let it go. Now that you have letContinue reading “4 Tips to Deal With Disappointments”